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Real-time translation. 

Any language.

Any event.

Paret is the perfect way to offer affordable interpretation at your events. Our cloud-based software is easy to set-up and use anywhere.

No hardware 

Remote interpreters

Any event

Any language

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How it works

Professional interpretation from any language in three easy steps!

Download Paret

Before the speaker at the event starts the audience will receive instructions to download the app and create an account.​

Select your event and language 

Once Paret is downloaded, the listener will select the event they are attending and input the access code to access this event. Once they open the event page they will select the desired language they need translation.

Experience live

When the speaker begins the interpreter will begin interpreting the event. The listener will then press play and will experience live simultaneous translation of the event.


No Hardware 

Paret is the perfect solution to outdated interpretation hardware. Our cloud-based software is easy to set-up and use.

Remote Interpreters

Paret eliminates the need for booths and travel costs for interpreters. Interpreters are able to work remotely at a much lower cost.

Any Event has a large network of interpreters who are fluent in all language pairs and who are experienced in a variety of subject matters.

Any Language

You can offer interpretation for your attendees at events of all sizes, large or small and anywhere in the world.

Powered by:

Our Technology

Our technology allows us to provide the best and highest quality translations at a more efficient and lower rate to our clients. The Paret app will give you a greater reach into a multi-lingual market, increasing the attendance at your events. Paret is easy to set up, eliminates the need for outdate hardware, it can be used at events of any size and does not require interpreters to be on site.

Our Vision

We strive for the highest customer satisfaction by working with a team of professionals who are dedicated to providing innovative language solutions while using the latest cutting-edge technology. The beating heart of is our translator team. We hire and certify translators and linguists who are either native or fluent speakers. 

Our Story is a team of translators whose purpose is to facilitate communication for businesses worldwide. We believe in breaking the status quo by providing affordable, high quality translation services to businesses of all sizes, across the globe. We can translate to and from any language, and we’re constantly gathering more resources to ensure the quality of your final product. 


Change the way you
experience events!

The best event interpretation app on the market. Now available on all iOS and Android devices.


Partner With Paret

Does your organization host several events throughout the year? Partner with Paret to get discounted rates. Schedule a call with one of our Paret app consultants now!

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